TRUSTING IPSLCM6.2.2 at TGCC irene-amd

by Th. Lurton, IPSL based on IPSLCM6.2 trusting by J. Ghattas, IPSL
This trusting evaluates the technical issues with the coupled configuration IPSLCM6.2.2 at irene-amd/TGCC.

Each line in the grey table corresponds to a specific installation of IPSLCM6.2.2 and related tests. The revision number of
modipsl is set in column 2 and the revsion numbers for the other components are listed in the end of the line.
The 7th column shows the reference revision of modipsl which is used for comparing results for the individual tests.

The different tests listed in the table below are given on following syntax:
XXXXyz : XXXX= subconfig, y=p/d compilation in prod or debug mode, z=1 or 2 for different tests with different PeriodLength.
For example
LRp1 - subconfig LR with production mode compiled executable test 1 with PeriodLength=1M, total length 2 months.
LRp2 - subconfig LR with production mode compiled executable test 2 with PeriodLength=2M, total length 2 months.
LRd1 - subconfig LR with debug mode compiled executable test 1 with PeriodLength=1M, total length 1 month.

The tests of type LRp1 = LRp2, are validating the restartability of the model. Both tests have the same total length but different PeriodLength. The results should be the same in the end of the run.
The RealCpu time noted for each test concerns the last executed period only.


IOIPSL svn checkout -r 5635 IOIPSL
ORCHIDEE svn checkout -r 7086 svn:// ORCHIDEE
oasis3-mct svn checkout -r 4775 oasis3-mct
LMDZ svn checkout -r 3855 LMDZ
IPSLCM6 svn checkout -r 5645 IPSLCM6
libIGCM svn checkout -r 1545 libIGCM
NEMOGCM@9455 svn checkout -r 9455
ORCA1_LIM3_PISCES@303 svn checkout -r 303
ORCA025_LIM3_PISCES@303 svn checkout -r 303
INCA svn checkout -r 915 --username inca INCA
XIOS svn checkout -r 2029 XIOS

Date modipsl revision Status Compilation Other information Trusting level Reference modipsl revision All tests => LRp1 (prod,1M) LRp2 (prod,2M) LRd1 (debug,1M) LRp1 = LRp2
2021-08-16T13:45 5910 OK OK 8 5910 Restart OK. RealCpuTime=478.470 Restart OK. RealCpuTime=855.270 Restart OK. RealCpuTime=1862.190 Restart OK.